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5 Must Have Elements For a 2019 Mobile App!

With lightning-fast advancements being made on technological front, the progressive development of mobile application doesn’t come as a surprise. According to a recent research, mobile application has helped in increasing revenues of businesses as about 50%. Hence, being ‘available’ on internet-enabled devices is a prerequisite today for most businesses.

Over the years, mobile applications have been setting a new trend in market. Developers all over the world have come up with creative features and application which have gained immense popularity; Visionist, snapseed, pocket casts, tik tok, google, facebook, uber and many more. The arrival of mobile app development is a tremendous achievement in the field of technology and there is no second thought about it.


A mobile app has to usable, in order to become successful in the market. It has to be unique and help the user with some of his/ her regular task, thereby making his/ her life easier. Also, the value of user experience (UX) cannot be ignored. As an effective UX design has the ability to keep the users engaged and increase their affinity with your brand/ company.

Consistent performance

An app that constantly crashes will never gain popularity among the users. The success of an app depends solely on its consistency. A top selling app is the one that works perfectly, even under the most extreme conditions.

Loading time

Apps that take too long to load are automatically avoided by users. If the app is complex and is heavy it does require large amount of data and time to start-up. In such scenario, it is better to redirect the user to a “loading” screen, where the message ‘ loading in process’ pops up.


To keep users engaged, develop an incentives that encourages them to remain active. Gamify your app. In a non-gaming aspect, provide them with goods or services at a discounted rate.

Ads-free experience

A free app filled with ad banners will never be appreciated by the users. It is always better to keep an app free from adds so that the user is not interrupted while he/ she uses the app.

To conclude, Do you want to see your application being loved and appreciated by the billions? If yes, then do consider the key elements and create a top-notch mobile application.

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