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Automating Web Security: The Ultimate Solution For Your Website

Automating website security is the most effective web application security. The three most popular type of automated website security is Web application firewalls (WAFs), reactive scanning solutions and proactive scanning solutions.

Web application firewalls provide defence against an external attack. WAF implements a blacklist of types of requests. If any attacker tries to send a vulnerability that matches by the blacklist, the packet will be dropped even before it hits the servers. WAFs sometimes come in bundled with the bonus of a CDN to speed up your website.

Reactive solution are the final line of defense against an external attack. They crawl your site in search of any malwares. Once detected, this type of web security quickly alerts you about the risks so that you can patch up any holes that was found by hackers and lets you reduce any further loss.

To catch vulnerabilities before they attack your website, you can make use of a proactive scanning solution. This type of web security regularly scans for a multitude of vulnerabilities and alerts you even before you are attacked. In addition, you will get Tinfoil, which lets you view how to fix each vulnerability.

Benefits of using automation website security

It can scan multiple websites simultaneously:

Automated web security can scan web applications and multiple websites simultaneously. It also consists a built-in reporting tool that lets you track the state of security and compliance of each and every web application and websites. These features are suitable for large corporations with huge web development team and also for t a single developer working on smaller operations.

Automation makes it a easy process:

With the minimal time for setup and integration, the automated tool enables us to carry out the security scans on websites and web application. Moreover, automation lets you work on other tasks simultaneously.

Keeps Hackers Away:

To identify vulnerabilities, the hackers use their versions of automated scanners. By using automated web security scanning, you can conduct a vulnerability test and avoid any unhandled flaw that allows attackers to attack your website. The only way to prevent this is to use automated security tools to find the vulnerabilities.

Helpful in Vulnerability Outbreak:

Web applications could be at risk despite of all the efforts to stay protected. A automated scanning enable you to launch a scan within few minutes and notify the threats so that an organization can act immediately and accordingly.

Lets you stay one step ahead of hackers:

A manual web application security test restricts you to a number of vulnerabilities. But by using an automated web vulnerability scanner you can make sure that all parameters are being checked against web application security variants. This will help you to stay ahead of hackers.

To conclude, web security is important, as it secures your online identity and personal information. If you are concerned about your business, implement the best website security now.

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