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Future of Website Designing: 7 Design Trends You Just Cannot Ignore!

‘You never get a second chance to make the first great impression’. Website design is one of the most important aspect of online presence gaining immense popularity. The design of your website has the ability to either make or break your business. Here’s how:

  1. A good site increases customer conversion rate<

  2. A responsive website helps business reach more clients

  3. Websites help in business branding and reputation

Web designers have been creating amazing, user-friendly and innovative websites and have been setting the trend in the recent years. Some of the web design trending recently are:

Drop shadow and depth

Although shadows are being used over a period of time, with grids and parallax layouts, web designers are experimenting with the shadows and have been creating an illusion of a world beyond the screen. This not only creates a versatile effect that increases the aesthetics of a web page, but also helps User Experience (UX) by providing emphasis.


Asymmetrical design, a complicated technique to pull off, results in beautiful and eye catching designs upon the completion. Although it is arduous to master asymmetry technique, but when once mastered, gives you a greater freedom of expression.

Broken grid layouts

A broken grid layout, allows images and text elements to drift into and across the channel. In broen grid layout, the discreet boxes of images and texts overlap and converge resulting in beautifully created letterform and bitmaps.

Dynamic gradients

Though flat designs are used widely, gradients are making a come back and are setting a new trend. Gradients are big, loud and full of color. Gradient filter when used over photos, have the ability to transform a dull image into a fascinating image.

Integrated animations

Websites are moving away from static images towards animations, to engage users in their communication approach. Smaller animations help in engaging the user within the page for a period of time.

Particle backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are lightweight javascript that allow movement to be created as a natural part of the background, without consuming time to load. Particle backgrounds have the ability to attract the user’s attention, this helps brands to create a memorable impression of their web, brand or company.

Custom illustrations

Illustrations are versatile media, used for creating images that are playful and friendly. Experienced designers can make illustrations that are tailored to brand’s tone. Custom illustrations is perfect for businesses. Whatever your brand identity is, there is an illustration style to match it.

From adding extra white space to experimenting with typography, web designs are taking more experimental approach than ever.We are looking forward to see new web designs emerge in and set a trend to having to deal with less pop-up windows, seeing more sharp gradients and bright color schemes.

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