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Features of SEO Friendly Website Designing

Making a website popular is a tricky task. The level of competition that a site has to face is immense, and the website managers have to make constant efforts to keep the site ahead of the rest. Popularity does not only mean getting traffic on a website, but it also means retaining the people who reach the site. If the visitors leave the site in a hurry, without spending even two to three minutes on the various pages, or do not go beyond the landing page, then the site needs to be improved.

Every website designer has to keep in mind the issues that influence search engine optimization (SEO). This is necessary because some qualities have to be incorporated in the site at the designing stage, and if these aspects are ignored, then it can be tough to improve the site later. SEO Friendly Website Designing has emerged as a dedicated domain of web designing, wherein the designers collaborate with search engine optimization professionals, and gain an insight into the features to be maintained in the site. A few aspects are described here:

  • Space for content: The designers must consider the need for placing content on the website, and must leave ample space, so that the content can be written easily. Rich content that uses targeted keywords is necessary to promote the site in a focused manner, and engage the reader.
  • Judicial use of images: The images must be used in such a manner that they do not make the site unusually heavy. If required, the images can be modified on Photoshop, and then placed on the site. Moreover, use of images that are common and are already appearing on competitive websites, or have copyright issues, must be avoided.
  • High page loading speed: The coding that is done for the site must be compact, so that the time taken for loading the site can be reduced.

These features are important for a Flash Website Designing Company, as the use of Flash can sometimes make a site slow. However, by using Flash in the correct manner, a website can be made attractive, as well as effective.