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Logo & Graphic Designing

Creative logo’s designed by pro graphic designers. Transform your brand identity.

First impression is the last impression!

A buyer often gets that first impression from the logo of a brand. From your visiting card to your letterhead to your website, it appears everywhere. Hence, it needs to be attractive and impactful at the same time.

Our creative heads at 360WebsiteDesign, fortify your brand image by providing you with a symbolic logo – one which provides you with a unique identity. We realise the importance of a logo in a marketing campaign and therefore convert your ideas into a digital reality.

Who are our Creative Heads?

Our creative heads are our specialised logo and graphic designers who have a hands-on experience in Flash Player, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw and many other advanced technologies.

Our Logo & Graphic Design Process

  • Exploratory Exploratory
  • Word Cloud< Word Cloud
  • Sketches Sketches
  • Internal Review Internal Review
  • Client Presentation Client Presentation
  • Client Approval Client Approval
  • Colors Colors
  • Final Logo Final Logo
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    Logo designing begins with the exploratory phase where our designer will understand your requirement while presenting you with a number of logo designs to gain a strong understanding of what kind of logo you want.

  • 2

    Word Cloud

    Once the designer has identified what logo you like, they put all the ideas that have been mentioned into a word cloud and draw the connection from word to word so that they can begin to identify concepts that will show the exact meaning of your logo.

  • 3


    Our creative team will research the meaning of the words used to describe your brand and logo to start sketching illustration by hand that are symbolic of what you want from the design to present. The sketches will serve as the inspiration behind the logo design.

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    Internal Review

    After the first round of design, our designers will send the logo design for the internal review to set an extra set of eyes on the design to make sure the logo produced to meet the high standard s of our client.

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    Client Presentation

    Our team will put together a presentation for the client to showcasing the top 4 to 5 designs they have created in B&W. So, that you can make sure everything is perfect.

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    Client Approval

    Once our client’s reviewed the first set of logos, our designers will wait for the approval from you to proceed further.

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    Once our client’s reviewed the first set of logos, our designers will wait for the approvalfrom you to proceed further.

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    Final Logo

    Our designers will work tirelessly with you in order to meet your needs. So, that the final logo serves as a perfect demonstration of your brand.
    With 360WebsiteDesign, you don’t have to compromise on the designs that fail to capture your business reputation and personality, and flounder your brand image.

Our Packages

Standard Design 3500/-

High Resolution Logo Designs. If not, we provide upto 2 revisions to achieve the desired design

Premium Design 6500/-

Compelling Logos matching your preferences, business and desired style. if not, we provide upto 4 revisions to achieve a compelling design.

How do we work?

  • Brainstorming – Our logo and graphic designers will sit down in an one-on-one meeting with you and discuss about your requirements and expectations regarding the logo.
  • Outlining – Our designers will then amalgamate all the ideas and create a rough outline of the tentative illustration.
  • In house review – The first few samples of the logo (in Black & White version) are reviewed by the in-house panel to check if it would suit the client’s standards. If they are deemed unsuitable, then further reworking is done upon them.
  • Client Review – Once, our team is sure about the finalised samples, they are then sent to the client for further feedback.
  • Final Approval – Once the client is satisfied with a shortlisted logo, our team proceeds with the next step
  • Color Usage – Keeping in mind the color psychology, a suitable color combination is decided keeping in mind the brand message and the target audience’s mindset.
  • Final Product – Once the colour scheme is approved by the client, the logo is finalised and is, accessible to the client.

If you are interested in getting a customised logo for your brand, let our creative minds assist you.

Contact us to get an eyeball – grabbing logo.