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Portal Design & Development

Create a customised job portal or B to B portal with advanced functionalities. Opt for MVC framework or php.

Each business has multiple operations running both at the front end and back end at a given time. Managing these comprehensive functions is like escaping your way out of a labyrinthine.

In such cases, a single access portal not only helps to keep a tab on its multifarious functions, but also improves the efficiency of a business by saving a lot of money and time.

At 360WebsiteDesign, we provide end to end development of a portal. From modelling & designing a portal, application development, integration with web services to providing a stable support system, our team takes care of all the aspects.


Enterprise Portal

Decision Maker decision-maker

Employees employes-icn

Customers and partner partner-icon

Workgroups workgroup

enterprise-icon   Enterprise Content

business-data-icon   Busniess Data

web-data-source   Web Data Sources

corporate-policies-icon   Corporate Policies

corporate-news-icon   Corporate News and Events


Essentials for Portal Design & Development


Expertise Mapping

Expertise Mapping or Mind Mapping is a process to get the information from client in order to understand their requirement on a broader prospective. At 360 WD, we have technical experts to go through your requirements and develop a final scope of work. Mind mapping is a paid process which generally involves the time of one or two days to thoroughly understand what a client really wants.



Wireframe refers to the basic architectural design of a website during the developmental phase. It is also known as the screen blueprint. This vital step allows the designer to create a black and white skeletal framework of a website before creating its final version.



Functional specification is the documentation that explains what is needed by system user as well as requested properties of input and output. FSD is a more technical response to a matching requirement document and technical experts from 360 WD spend adequate time on preparing a detailed FSD to let the developer what to build. Go through our sample for FSD

We keep the following in mind before kick-starting your project:

User Experience and Interface
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Responsive
  • Friendly error messages and proper
  • SSL/HTTPS for secure login
  • Password encryption
  • Latest virus definitions and software patches
Search Engine Optimization
  • Usage of search engine friendly URLs
  • Proper sitemap of the portal
  • Link building
  • Caching management
  • Cookie management
  • Media content optimization

Portal Development

We provide full cycle development service and project activities support

  • Analysing business process and consultation
  • Modelling the processes
  • Architectural framework of the portal
  • User Interface Design & Prototyping
  • Designing database, Modeling the data, Data Flow Modelling
  • Developing Portal Modules
  • Integrating with third party solutions & business solutions
  • Maintenance & Support

If you are interested in getting a portal developed to meet the overarching needs and objectives of your business, then feel free to contact us.