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Domain and Hosting
with complete support

Since 2009, we have supported 5200+ businesses get online

Taking domain and hosting services from 360 website design will not only save you money but you can also be rest assured on prompt support and service throughout the year. Our support team is available on all business days from 10 AM to 6 PM to resolve your queries and provide technical support. Free telephonic and email support comes with all our services.

All domain extensions and TLD’s like .com, .net, .in, .co.in, .org, .edu.in are offered as part of our domain registration service. Our prices include ICANN fees and are competitive. You can opt for domain privacy option along-with domain booking service.

For web hosting, we are the largest resellers of web hosting in India and offer hosting solutions in 54 countries with physical servers being located in such countries. Though we do not own or operate these servers, we have set up our benchmark of quality and reliability checks before we hire any server. We resell space on these servers and provide complete technical support as well for the same.

5 reasons to rely on us for your domain and hosting requirements

  • Free lifetime DNS Management service
  • Domain forwarding to point your website to any other website
  • User-friendly control panel for hosting.
  • 8*5 technical support for hosting and domain services
  • Lowest prices for domain and web hosting renewals


We can provide you hosting services with 54 locations where the servers are physically present. This helps in your local SEO as your server is physically present there.

Service according to budget

Whatever be your budget, we have our customized packages available at reasonable rates be it a shared one or a dedicated service. You can anytime upgrade or downgrade the web-hosting service.

Award winning support

We believe in after sales service therefore we have a dedicated support system that will assist you 8*5.

Immense experience

Currently hosting 5200+ domains in 54 countries

Five points to be kept in mind before booking a domain name

Don’t book a name which copies a brand name

This won’t increase the traffic on your website, instead it will make the visitors angry who are looking for other company and may also attract lawsuits.

Domain Length

The more words are there in the domain, the harder it becomes to remember. So book a domain with the shortest possible length and name.

Use keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Always buy a domain name that's closely matches your business name or use those words which your target audience may use.

Purchase the domain for longer time

Search engines will rely on you if you book your domain name for longer period. Which means Google will trust you more.

Five points to be kept in mind before booking a hosting service



The most important thing when it comes to security, it is used by all of the brands. It will keep your website and all the data secure from malware and web-hacking.

tec hsupport

Tech Support

Do confirm this before you buy hosting, check which mediums are being used for support and are they staffed enough to provide technical support. You will need technical support.


Email ID

This is a area which you may not consider before subscribing a hosting service, do ask for the number of email id’s provided with the hosting plam.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Cpanel is an interface software between the server and the users using them.It is better to have a cpanel hosting than not.


Price and Features

Always the cheap price can not be profitable, compare the features with respect to pricing.

Domain Plans

Time/Type .com .in .net
1 Year ₹ 899 + GST ₹ 669 + GST ₹ 899 + GST
3 Year ₹ 2599 + GST ₹ 1899 + GST ₹ 2499 + GST
5 Year ₹ 4299 + GST ₹ 3199 + GST ₹ 4299 + GST

Shared Hosting Plans

₹ 750 + GST (p.a) ₹ 1500 + GST (p.a) ₹ 7500 + GST (p.a) ₹ 5999 + GST (p.a)
250 MB space 500 MB space 10 GB space 2 GB space
5 Email IDs 10 Email IDs 25 Email IDs 15 Email IDs
1 DataBase 2 DataBase 5 DataBase + SSL Integration 3 DataBase

Add ons that we provide every time when you book a domain with us

Domain Locking

Preclude unauthorized transfers of your domain name, we assure the safety of your domain.

Auto domain renewal

Your domain renews automatically by default, this prohibits domain from accidental expiring.


The control panel is extremely user friendly so that it may allow you to manage your domain to be managed by you without any assistance.

Frequently asked questions

A domain name provides identity to your website, it’s like a name plate that helps a visitor to find his/her destination. In addition to this domain name is important when it comes to online promotions.

It is so simple call us anytime and we will assist you, in addition to this put the domain name you are looking for, in the search box and click SEARCH. Our domain name search tool also assists you in suggesting extensions that you can use with your domain name.

It could be you or it could be us booking on your behalf. Any one be it a individual, a company, corporates any one can book the domain.

As you make the payments the domain name get booked.

It is a service using which you can post your webpage or website on internet. It is just like a space inside your house which determines how much data can be stored on your website.

Shared web hosting is basically an agreement wherein the subscriber gets certain portion of total available resource.

Unlike shared hosting the subscriber gets an advantage of entire server usage which is not shared with anyone else.