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What is a payment gateway?

Basically it's a medium of facilitating the communication of/about the information of transaction that happens. It facilitates the transaction by transferring the information between payment portals for ex if the transaction has to be done from web enabled handset and a bank which acts as a front end processor.

It plays a crucial role in transaction process that happens between the customer and the merchant.

Our application development process covers following steps:

  • Defining of scope and requirement gathering
  • Framework & designing of the application
  • Development of the application
  • Testing
  • Deployment of your application



Storage of payment information

Using the encrypted technique and keep the details secured it stores all the details of payment so that the user does not have to enter the details again and again.

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The billing process

Nowadays due to subscription based billing process the payment gateway offer a unique recurring billing functionality due to which the process gets automated.


Integration & Interface

The interface is absolutely easy to use and it can be easily integrated to website.

Control Panel


All the sensitive data and details are encrypted before transmission so you need not worry about anything.

How does the payment gateway work

  • As the order is placed all the details and data is transferred to merchant’s server in encrypted format after which it is sent to payment gateway.
  • Now the details are sent to the server of concerned bank by payment gateway
  • All the information is then sent to bank of customer after which the bank which has issued the card (debit/credit) gives a response for the transaction whether to permit or decline.
  • f the transaction fails the message is sent to both merchant and customer.
  • In next few seconds the server of merchant encrypts the details and sends it to the customer to update him the status of his order.
  • At last the customer’s card issuing bank sends the amount to the merchant’s bank account and the process is complete.

360 website design provides below mentioned services

  • Payment Gateway integration with website & business
  • Development of online merchant platform
  • Facility of conversion of currency
  • Integration of shopping cart
  • Support for multiple transactions
  • Phone billing facilities
  • Tech support

Packages we offer

(means low or degraded)

  • Integration of Single Payment Gateway
  • 12,500
    + GST

(means additional) Double/ two PG

  • Integration of 2 payment gateways
  • 23,000
    + GST

(means original) Multi PG

  • Integration of 4-5 payment gateways
  • 35,000
    + GST

(means ideal) Multi Language PG

  • Integration of multilingual gateways
  • 48,000
    + GST

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a medium to process the online transaction between a customer and a merchant for an online business.

Payment gateways come in different packages some of them are free which are charged only when transactions occur through your website and some are charged on recurring basis. Other than these below mentioned charges may be charged if applicable:

  • Account fee charged monthly
  • Membership charges
  • Fee for compliances
  • Setup fee

The transactions are completely secured since your details and all the information being transferred are encrypted first before sending them.

This is payment card industry which defines a set of security standards which ensures that all the firms who accept or process online payments work in safe and secured environment.