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HTML Website Design

Why choose 360 Website Design for HTML of your website

When it comes to HTML, we are very keen about working on it since we believe that HTML is the foundation of your website. While writing the codes we ensure a couple of things which are very important for the website the first one is the display part, which defines the user experience. This includes smooth functioning of the website.

The next important thing is responsiveness of the website, this means that the website will open and run in an optimized way, no matter in whatever device you are try to access it. We use the latest versions of HTML, currently we are using HTML5. This ensures that your website is always upto mark.

Some reasons why 360 Website Design is different

  • Writing of unique/new codes
  • We do not do theme based work
  • We follow bootstrap css and ensure that the website is responsive
  • User experience optimization
  • Usage of latest techniques/codes

Our Process Explained

Smooth navigation

Whatever the tabs/pages the visitors visit they get amazing experience like never before. The page speed and smooth scrolling is all what matters to make the first impression.

Consistent & Coherent

All the pages of the website must be in sync, if they differ it may lead your target audience to look for a different option.

Marketing aspects

Google loves to scroll through the codes, so we ensure best web design practices which means that the codes that are written must be SEO friendly.


Our coders write the codes by the help of which the content can be displayed in a beautiful manner using CSS & Java script.

Why work with 360 Website Design?

The websites we design are able to

Attract user’s attention
Increase the retention rate
Reduce the bounce rate of visitors
Provide optimized mobile view for those how are reaching out to your website on their mobile
Get ranked easily on search engines

WRT to time and budget

Junior HTML Specialist

Exp. 0-2 years

Time spent per day 2-3 hours

Cost ₹ 2000/

Mid HTML Specialist

Exp. 2-4 years

Time spent per day 3-4 hours

Cost ₹ 2000/

Senior HTML Specialist

Exp. 4-6 years

Time spent per day 4-5 hours

Cost ₹ 2000/

Key advantages of hiring the resources

Experts working on your project, so there are no chances of error

Dedicated work

Hassle free work like allocation of task, work systems

Work delivered within timeline

Complete satisfaction on the work delivered

Full support is provided

Frequently Asked Questions

HTML is Hypertext Markup language, which is actually like a skeleton of a website it is used to design web pages using font, colour and graphics.

The language is used widely, every browser can support this language, wide options of colours objects and layouts can be explored.

No a website cannot be made dynamic in HTML. It will be sliced in HTML then would be integrated in different frameworks to make it dynamic.

The platforms that we use other than HTML are HTML5, CSS, CSS3, J Query, Javascript, Angular.