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Pay Per Click services

Why you should hire 360 Website Design for PPC services

Ranking on top positions on being searched for keywords has been an easy task today due to PPC. These services help you reach your target audience online via paid advertisements in a short span of time.

The 360 website design team provides you complete range of PPC services to help your business generate enquiries quite effectively through several campaigns.

Why do you need an Ad-management company?

  • Attract your target audience & increase the online sales.
  • Optimizing current Ad campaigns and cut down current spend.
  • Reaching mobile audience.
  • Bring your suspended google account to active stage.
  • Effectively targeting the correct set of audience.

How 360 website design helps grow your
business through PPC service?


Keyword Research

Find out best keywords in accordance to the industry to generate quality leads.

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PPC rate optimization

Decreasing the spent on clicks, optimizing the CPC & bid.



Finding out newer opportunities & minimizing overspending.

Control Panel

Retargeting/ Remarketing

Bring the visitors to website by showing them the Ads repetedly.


PPC consultation & Reporting

The PPC manager will provide monthly reports which will include CPC, CPA, ROI tracking, CTRand more.


Design & Ad Copy

Our team will create amazing Ad copy & landing page which will increase the conversion rate.

What activities we will be doing as a part of PPC service

  • Selection of best keywords
  • Ad creation
  • Tracking of conversion
  • Optimizing the landing pages
  • Ad submissions
  • PPC cost management
  • Campaign modifications
  • Research for competitors and their work
  • Bid management


Remarketing Ads

Display Ads

Search Ads

One time Account setup fee:
INR 13,500
Monthly retention fee:
13% of total Ad-spend

Prime benefits you will get working with 360 website design

  • Dedicated PPC manager
  • On time result delivery and ROI based work
  • Bid management manually done with google Adwords
  • Tracking of conversions
  • Regular reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is below mentioned are the reasons for this:

Both the services work on basis of keywords but Google Adwords is the paid way of bringing traffic to your website and is done in short span of time whereas SEO is an organic process it takes time and you don’t have to pay for the traffic that are sourced to your website through SEO.

There could be many reasons for this some of them could be,

  • The keywords being used are not being searched.
  • The daily budget is lower than cost of the click.
  • Targeted area may be too small.
  • The time on which Ads are running may be wrong.

Is keyword research required to be done for every month?

Yes it is important because the traffic coming to a particular keyword does not always remains the same so you need to keep analysing the traffic that is coming on every keyword you select so that if any keyword is not performing well you can replace it with a new new keyword.

PPC: Pay per click this is a amount charged by Google when someone click on your Ads

CPC: Cost per click this is the actual price you pay for each click in PPC campaigns

CPA/PPA: Cost per action/Acquisition which is calculated by dividing total cost by total number of acquisitions

CTR: Click through rate is actually a percentage which is derived by number of clicks received by the ad divided by number of times ad is displayed.