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Website Malware Removal Service &
Blacklist Removal Service

Why choose 360 Website Design for removing malware in your website

Your website can get hacked or malware can be injected in your website. This may lead to suspension or cancellation of your hosting account or your domain being marked as spammy or suspicious site by Google. When a website is tagged for having malware, it generally loses its ranking position and most browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will have a warning in place to avoid users to visit that website or web page.

Our promise for website malware removal and blacklisting removal

  • Quick virus and attack detection
  • Guarantee of website malware removal in 3 business day
  • Free support for any repeat of virus or malware attack in 30 days
  • Server log analysis
  • Website blacklist removal submission from Google, McAfee, Norton etc

How we work?


Malware and Virus Detection

In this phase, we will scan your website or web pages which have been injected with malicious codes. We will detect the nature and level of abuse and classify the type of attack your website is undergoing.

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Files scanning

We will scan all the files of your website to ensure that more than one trace of virus or malware can be found and eliminated.


Virus and malware removal

In this phase, our experienced coders will remove the malicious code, virus and ensure that the website is safe for use now. Further, we will ask the webmaster to change the login credentials and server credentials as well.

Control Panel

Server updates and log report

We will provide you with a server log report for you to analyse how the attack happened. This will be extracted through your server and hence can be provided only if your cpanel or server interface provides the same.

Control Panel

Blacklist removal submission process

If your website has been marked unsafe by Google, McAfee, Norton or if your ip-address has been blacklisted, we will submit your website for removal from lists.

For us to analyse the attack or virus infected files, we will require cpanel, ftp, wordpress admin or other admin details of the website. For analysis of the attack, our fee is $ 175. After we complete our analysis, we will provide you with details of the kind of attack or virus, how much time we will require to remove/clean it and associated costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no explanation or reason for malware or virus attack on your website. Past data shows that daily more than 15000 websites come under malware, SQL injection or virus attack.

No, we can help you clean your website for such malware, however, we cannot guarantee that such attacks will not happen in future.

It depends on the level of attack and the number of files which have been ruined. We will assess the situation and confirm you the time and quote we will require to remove the malware.

Your website can get a repeat attack as well. You can ask our consultants for website back-up service and installation of advanced safety measures to reduce the probability of such attacks coming to your website.

Yes, we will submit to the relevant authorities and websites a request for removal of your website from blacklists. They generally update their lists every day and hence you can expect quick removal, however, we do not guarantee and it is outside our area of influence to get your website removed from such blacklists.