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Logo Designing services

Why should you get your logo and brochure design from 360 Website Design.

A logo is one of the most important part of branding as it represents the company, it basically is the representative of the company and therefore plays a vital role, so we here at 360 website design craft perfect logos in accordance with the requirement.

The process:

Unlike other logo designing companies, 360 website design takes time to understand the business, product/service, your mission & vision, your core values and your target audience to set up a goal which is required to be met by the new identity. We at 360WebsiteDesign do mind mapping and use several brainstorming techniques to explore new ideas and directions for designing your logo.

6 reasons to get your logo & brochure designed from 360 website design:

  • Professional logo designing team
  • We craft unique logos that symbolizes your work
  • After sales support
  • Customized brochure designing
  • On time work delivery
  • Ethical way of working and complete transparency

How we work?



We understand your requirements through a detailed conversation about your products/services, the industry and target audience.

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Understanding the concept

We understand your product/services, to draft a basic wireframe, this starts from pen and paper drawing to designing of amazing vectors.



Our team of experts work on the designs going through several phases of brainstorming, by amalgamating your requirements and our concepts.

Control Panel


We share the samples with you to take your comments and/or feedback.



This last stage is to finalize the best work from amongst the good ones depending upon your feedback given.

Types of logo designing we do

Text Logos

Simplest logos, yet enormously difficult to design; even fortune 500 companies prefer this.

Illustrative Logos

Complex to design, basically they are highly rendered realistic representation showing some specific aspects of companies.

Corporate Logos

A corporate identity tool carefully crafted with immense effort, they typically include company name or initials, and a perfect mix of colours and graphical shape.

Minimalistic Logos

This design utilizes existing components & maximizes the simplicity, it coagulates your position as contemporary brand.

Typographic Logos

These logo aim to convey the message through elegant arrangement of alphabet and fonts.

Symbolic/Iconic Logos

A special category of typographic logo that consists of icons or symbols illustrating the business and values.


The cost is not fixed it all depends on your requirements, the higher are the levels of customization the higher the pricing will be still we have some jaw dropping packages for you.

There are certain packages we have for providing this service, the more amount of work the bigger will be the timeline, well it can range from 1 day to a weeks time.

We will provide you 3-4 different designs with different color combinations amongst which you can choose the best one. Still not satisfied, we will ask for exact inputs and comments and come out with a final draft.

Before starting logo designing we require your company’s name and if you have any specific requirements such as colour options.