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7 Trend Setting Tools For IOS Application Development

IOS platform, known for security and robust, has gained immense popularity over the years and is considered as one of the leading smartphones across the world. Although android holds the majority of shares in the smartphone market, it is advisable to promote your business through IOS.

Today plenty of tools are available in the market for developing an IOS application. Among them, the most popular ones are:

Xcode – XCode is an official IDE developed by Apple. IOS developers widely use this tool across the world. XCode not  only lets you can develop an application for iPhone, but also for Mac, iPad, Apple watch, and Apple TV. With the graphical interface used to write apps, XCode is considered as the fast and consistent tool for IOS development.

App code – AppCode is a developing tool that was developed by JetBrains. AppCode can be used for the development of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch, and also Apple TV. It supports many programming languages including Objective-C, swift, C++, JavaScript, etc.

The critical feature of this tool is that it provides coding assistance, analysis code and highlights all the errors.

Coderunner – Code Runner tool is widely used IDE. It is advanced, easy-to-use, and consists of highly flexible programming editor which can be used for IOS application development. This tool supports 23 languages which includes swift, objective-C ,objective-C++ and many more. The key feature of this tool is that it is a lightweight, quick and has the potential to debug the code with breakpoint.

RxSwift – RxSwift is the popular tool is mostly recommended library for asynchronous programming. It makes use of a reactive programming library that is used to program dynamic apps. It is has a number of key features including observable sequences, subjects, marble diagrams, flatMap, map and many more.

Charter– Charter, provided by the Swift language, is considered as an excellent tool for IOS app development. By keeping the Swift programming language mailing list, the tool allows the user to have both online and offline view. This tool supports the message threading for the conversation as well.

Fabric – Fabric is considered one of the best IOS application development tools. This tool tightly integrates into the software development environment and let you integrate new services. This tool is powerful yet lightweight.

Mockingbird – Mockingbird is a popular tool, that is used for building an idea or prototype of IOS applications. Mockingbird can be easily used because it features drag and drop UI elements. It also allows you to link up multiple mockups, change the colour, font size, alignment and preview them interactively so as to get a feel for an IOS application. Also, using this tool you can share wireframes link directly.

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