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Five top criteria for designing brand logos

The logo of a company is the symbol that helps people to identify the brand. Logos play a significant role in deciding how people respond to a brand and how popular it becomes. Since it has a direct impact on the perception that consumers form about a brand, the logo needs to be designed with extreme caution.

A businessman cannot afford to be casual about the logo. Remember, it is an image that is placed on your product packaging, newsletters, ad copies and websites. So hiring a professional logo designer for your brand makes sense, especially if you are launching a new product or forming a brand. Since the website of a company is the online corporate office and is accessed by almost all people interacting with the company, the logo placed on the website must be created by experts. Logo designing is a part of the comprehensive services that website designing company in Delhi offers.

The professionals who are involved in the task of designing logos have to consider many factors, like the following:

•  The product or service: the logo must relate to the product that it is representing. Look at this logo of Kid zee, a popular pre-school brand. It is giving a clear idea about the product and the target consumers. In fact, the original logo for Windows 3.1 was a window, with four panes. 

•  The name of the company: Many corporate houses prefer to have a logo that is based on the name of the company or brand name to enhance the recall value. People will find it easier to remember the name of the brand if the logo symbolizes it. The logo of Shell has evolved a lot over the years, but there always has been a ‘shell’ as the basic idea. Have a look at these two logos, one was formed in the year 1900, and the other is the current logo.


Same is the case with Apple, which always had an apple as the logo, albeit in different forms.











 Flexibility: Another important factor to be considered is the scope that the logo will give for change. It will be an advantage if you have a logo that can easily be presented on different platforms like websites, online ads, print ads, digital promotion, and product packages. Moreover, if you change your product line, or add new services, you may like to change the logo. The design should allow minor changes, without altering the core form.

• Competition: the designers will have to assess the logos being used by competitors in the segment. The logo should not be so similar that it confuses the consumers. The team associated with Website Designing Company in Thane always gauges the competition to create a logo which promotes differentiation.

• Simplicity: You must emphasize on the precision of the logo. It must not be too complicated. Having a simple logo will help people remember and reproduce it. The current logo of Nike, displaying just the ‘swoosh’ is the best example of logos with brevity.

If you have some tips to share about logos, or some queries about the type of logo you should have, share them on our Facebook page and connect to a team of skilled designers.



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