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Software Tools for Tracking Website Performance

OK, you have made an ecommerce site and now selling goods and services to your customers, but don’t think that your responsibilities end here. As your progress is analysed through exams in schools, the same way a website performance needs to be perused. This is where you need software tools to scrutinise the performance of a website. Here are the best tools for this purpose.

Page Speed
Google Page Speed tool is essential to determine the website loading time. If you don’t want to lose your potential customers, your website loading speed should be faster as people don’t have patience to wait for a page to load.

Use Google PageSpeed Insights that will suggest you ways for optimising your website to increase your page load speed considering your server environment. These suggestions may include the reduction in the size of image files by using Compressor.io and TinyPNG, paring down the size of JavaScript and CSS files by removing unnecessary whitespace, and eliminating render-blocking resources.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the best tool to determine the traffic to a website. This can help you decipher how campaigns are working and how much you should invest in advertising, site content etc.the tool can update you about direct, referring and search engine traffic.

Analyse all traffic sources sections to discern what it informs you about the website performance such as bounce rate, total number of visitors, sales etc.

Google Webmaster
Google Webmaster tool is used to analyse and remove crawl errors. This tool helps you detect site errors and URL errors that are to be rectified immediately, especially site errors as they’re more catastrophic to your site’s usability. On the other hand, URL errors are pertained to one page only. The three important tools: Sitemaps, Crawl Errors and Search Analytics help you know about these issues.

Pingdom Tool
Pingdom tool is similar to Google PageSpeed Insights that can improve the overall load times. With the help of this tool, you may know about leverage browser caching, query strings, cookieless domain etc. once you remove these issues, your server as well as, website loading speed will improve.

Mobile Responsive Test
Gone are the days when a website used to be browsed at a desktop or laptop. Now millions of people surf the internet on mobile devices, so it’s imperative that your website is mobile-friendly and functioning well. To know the performance of your site in mobiles, use Mobile Responsive Test tool. The tool will enable you to test the content display speed, images, video display issues, loading speed etc.

W3C Validator
W3C validator is an essential tool to ensure the quality of HTML language. This technical language can be understood by a computer that is turned into a language that could be twigged by visitors to your site. But this process can wreak havoc if you have committed even the slightest error in HTML coding. Poor formatting can affect your potential customers that can be kept at bay with the help of W3C validator.

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